In addition to providing expert witness and consulting services for Title IX and other campus safety lawsuits, Laura L. Dunn, J.D., may be retained to develop training curricula, propose policy, and consult on forming nonprofits or campaigns.

Expert Witness and Consultant

Laura L. Dunn, J.D., has provided expert witness and consultant services as well as media assistance for numerous high-profile cases.


Doe 1 & Doe 2 v. The Curators of the University of Missouri, 2:19–cv–04229 (W.D. Mo.)

(alleging male student-athlete allowed to serially harass and abuse female students)


Lozier v. Quincy U., et al., 3:18-cv-3077 (C.D. Ill.)

(alleging retaliation against a student-athlete a witness in a Title IX grievance procedure against his tennis coach)


Fox, et. al., v. Missouri, et al., 20AC-CC00341 (Cir. Ct. Mo.)

(arguing public defenders providing mandatory victim rights notification is not unconstitutional or unethical)


Erin Cavalier v. Catholic University of America, Case No. 1:16-cv-02009 (D.D.C.)

(alleging deliberate indifference due to delayed campus proceedings and lacking incapacitation policy)


Lauren McCluskey, et al., v. Utah, et. al, 2:2019-cv-00449 (D. Utah)

(alleging deliberate indifference to abusive dating violence relationship that resulted in murder of student-athlete)


Fryberger v. Univ. of Ark., et al., 5:16-cv-05224 (W.D. Ark.)

(alleging deliberate indifference to peer-perpetrated rape by student-athlete and former Olympian)


Jane Doe v. Millsaps College, et al., cv-15-112 (1st Jud. Div. Miss.)

(alleged known risk of dangerous fraternity parties left female students at risk for sexual violence)


Jane Doe v. Saint Anselm College, Case 1:17-cv-00217 (D.N.H.)

(challenged expulsion of complainant after college allowed respondent found responsible to file a cross-complaint)


Eramo v. Rolling Stone, LLC, et al., 209 F. Supp. 3d 862 (W.D. Va.)

(finding that the Rolling Stone Magazine article “A Rape on Campus” defamed UVA Dean Eramo)


Susan Burhans v. Yale University, Case No. 3: 2012-cv-01462 (D. Conn.)

(alleged retaliation through adverse employment action against campus safety whistleblower employee)​


John Doe D. v. Penn. State University, Case. No. 2298 (Ct. C.P. Phila. Cnty.)

(argued institutional liability for campus safety issues, including child sexual abuse by Coach Jerry Sandusky)