Laura L. Dunn, J.D.

Expert Witness & Consulting Services by Nationally Recognized Title IX Campus Sexual Assault Expert Laura L. Dunn, J.D.

Expert Knowledge

Dunn’s years of nationally recognized advocacy and litigation make her a sought-after expert witness and consultant on high-profile campus sexual misconduct and whistleblower protection cases across the country. She is regularly retained by reputable law firms to develop expert reports, prepare litigation strategy, and provide expert testimony. Dunn is also available to serve as co-counsel on select cases.

Advocacy in Action

Dunn has decades of experience, holding perpetrators and enablers of sexual violence accountable. She has advanced victims’ rights through nationwide legislation and policy efforts and represented survivors and whistleblowers in sexual misconduct and retaliation related proceedings. Among many other honors and recognitions, Dunn received a 2015 Echoing Green Global Fellowship, the U.S. Department of Justice Special Courage Award (2017), and a 2018 TED Fellowship.

Breaking News

Dunn has appeared in local and national media stories about campus sexual violence more than 300 times. In addition to having her op-eds published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and the TED Ideas Blog, she has also been featured in publications like The National Law Journal and BuzzFeed. She is available to providing trainings and presentations on issues of campus sexual assault, vicitms’ rights, Title IX, the Clery Act, and more.

Laura L. Dunn, J.D., is a nationally recognized civil and victims’ rights lawyer and social entrepreneur who has been featured in Forbes, BuzzFeed, The National Law Journal, and many more. Dunn is the Founding Partner of the L.L. Dunn Law Firm, as well as a published legal scholar, adjunct at Maryland Law, liaison to the ALI’s Model Penal Code on Sexual Assault and Student Sexual Misconduct Project, and a previously appointed member to the ABA’s  Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence and Criminal Justice Section Task Force on College Due Process and Victim Protection.


Coverage of advocacy through television, podcasts, articles, and more


Expert witness and consulting in services for federal- and/or state-based litigation nationwide


Presentations and trainings provided throughout the United States


Authored articles published by reputable national publications


Successful federal- and state-based policy and legislative efforts advancing and enforcing victim rights

Thought Leadership

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